Micro CT Technology

Enlarge Co-registered μCT scan from Quantum FX showing a fluorescent probe accumulating in the liver (IVIS Spectrum).

In vivo microCT technology has evolved quickly in the past few years requiring low dose scanning and fast imaging protocols to facilitate multi-modal applications and enable longitudinal experimental models. PerkinElmer offers the leading microCT platforms that support low dose imaging on an average of 15mGy/scan without sacrificing image quality and resolution, quantitative analysis, throughput at an average of 17 second scans, optical integration, and co-registration.

With PerkinElmer’s combination of instrumentation and reagents we provide you the ability to capture quantitative datasets for a whole range of application areas. Come visit us at In Vivo University to learn about microCT techniques, therapeutic animal models, training opportunities, targeted probes and reagents for in vivo quantitative analysis.