GPCR Research

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GPCR Research

Interested in an integrated solution for any GPCR target, including Gs-, Gq- and Gi-coupled receptors? Right from the start, we can accelerate your GPCR research by helping you identify and monitor:

  • Effects of GPCR pathway activation: intracellular calcium, cAMP, phospho-ERK, inositol phosphate
  • Reporter gene expression
  • Receptor ligand binding
  • GTP binding

Our state-of-the-art GPCR solutions portfolio is extensive and includes:

  • Scalable GPCR cellular imaging, detection instrumentation and liquid handling systems for radiometric fluorescence, luminescence or photometric detection
  • Optimized cell-based assay platforms
  • Versatile reagents—GPCR cell lines; frozen, ready-to-use cells; radioligands; ligands; cloned receptor membranes
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