Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software

Universal solution for 3D image analysis

Volocity® 3D Image Analysis Software is the only solution that provides all the tools you need to visualize, analyze and validate 3D fluorescence images from a wide range of confocal microscopy, widefield and high content screening systems and is fully integrated for a seamless user experience.

Make discoveries and answer complex questions that you could not before. Visualize samples in 3D so they can be viewed from any direction for a more complete picture. Greatly improve your image and data quality with powerful restoration. Measure shapes, volumes and distances with precision. Relate cellular structure to function, and identify trends for a greater understanding.

Explore, interact and publish in 3D

Get a full picture of the biological process with rapid, interactive, high-resolution volume rendering of time resolved, multichannel 3D data sets using Volocity software.

  • Read a range of fluorescence z-stack images from widefield and confocal microscopes, and high content screening systems
  • Drag and drop your image files into the software to interactively explore in 3D
  • Rotate, zoom and fly through rendered objects in real time
  • Choose from rendering options including solid surfaces, varying opacity and shadows
  • See how the three dimensions intersect at any point
  • Explore structures and processes from any angle in fixed and dynamic experiments
  • Prepare stunning images for publication
  • Produce compelling movies for presentation

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Measure, analyze and relate your discoveriesEnlarge

Measure, analyze and relate your discoveries

Validate and confirm your observations of cellular structures and function with accurate 3D measurement and analysis.

  • Compare and relate cellular organelles within and between samples
  • Perform morphological analysis
  • Measure fluorescence localization and colocalization
  • Measure distances within and between organelles
  • Choose from automatic or manual tracking to characterize object movement
  • Overlay measured objects on image data
  • Refine your experiment quickly and easily with immediate feedback
  • Automatically measure or analyze multiple samples with batch processing
  • Utilize specific analysis tools for quantifying colocalization, ratioed images, FRAP and FRET
  • Create charts and graphs to identify trends, and export for publication or further analysis

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See your cells with stunning clarity

Quickly and easily improve the quality and resolution of your widefield and confocal images to gain greater insights. Reveal more detail for visualization and achieve more accurate quantitation with deconvolved data using Volocity software.

  • Create calculated PSFs or use a measured PSF from your microscope
  • Batch process multiple data sets
  • Further improve the quality of image data acquired on the UltraVIEW® VoX and Operetta® systems

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