Modular imaging software for cell biologists

Openlab software was developed for biological scientists who use fluorescence imaging. Research in cell biology has moved on and now quantitative, fluorescence imaging is the focus. The complete picture and most accurate results are only available by exploring and measuring in 3D. For a greater understanding of cellular structure and function find out about Volocity® 3D Image Analysis Software.

If you are looking for support for your Openlab system and have a valid SMA please contact technical support.


In addition to the ability to easily and interactively explore your 3D image data with Volocity Visualization, Volocity software offers a wealth of features for quantifying the relationships you observe.

Volocity Quantitation provides a powerful range of tools to accurately measure, analyze and validate your image data in 3D, and to transform your observations of cellular structure and function into quantitative results and understanding.  From tools to segment and relate intracellular and intercellular populations, quantify intensity and morphology to statistically robust methods of measuring colocalization, Volocity software takes your research to the next dimension.

Volocity Quantitation also has specific tools for analysis 3D images by ratiometric or FRET methods.

Refinements to the deconvolution algorithms and many optimizations for better quality and faster processing have been implemented in Volocity Restoration. Improve the quality and resolution of widefield and confocal images for more detailed visualization and more accurate quantitation.