Improvision, a leading provider of cellular imaging software for life science research, was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007.

A major challenge for cell biologists and researchers is the efficient management of the abundance of data derived from high content screening (HCS) and advanced confocal microscopy.  By adding Improvision's robust 3D imaging and analysis software to PerkinElmer's advanced imaging systems, PerkinElmer delivers an unmatched range of powerful, easy-to-use imaging solutions for analyzing cellular events - from real-time imaging of live cells to rapid high content screening of multiple samples.

Improvision's flagship software offering, Volocity®, is the power behind the UltraVIEW® VoX Live Cell Imaging System, that captures high-speed, high-resolution, multi-dimensional images of live biological samples, allowing you to observe cellular interactions and dynamics in far more detail and to measure and interpret data with greater confidence.

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