Oils and Lubricants

The analysis of oils and other lubricants to develop a high quality lubricant has always been critical to both manufacturers and users alike. Once the oil or lubricant is added to the equipment, degradation and contamination become critical factors to reduce equipment damage and eliminate the need to change the lubricant more often than necessary, as well as minimize environmental waste. The level of engine repair and proper lubricant renewal intervals can be precisely evaluated by measuring additives, contaminants and wear metals over the course of use. Moreover, engine life can be extended and lubricant costs reduced through proper testing and analysis. Dependable throughput is essential to achieving this goal and we offer complete analytical solutions compliant with military JOAP and ASTM methods to facilitate measurements in lubricants. Highly automated, these solutions provide cost-effective analyses with real-time reporting to maximize the impact of monitoring trends for any selected engine.

To meet the need for increased throughput in these analysis programs, our high throughput JANUS® Oil Prep Workstation is equipped with ultrasonic liquid level detection (patent pending) and a pipetting arm option for rapid “on the fly” reformatting and diluting of samples in various sized vessels. Automated sample preparation using our dedicated JANUS Oil Prep workstation provides you with the comprehensive tools, service and support to accelerate your results-driven laboratory.

Common applications include:

Summary of features and benefits

Working with a technology leader affords you several benefits.

  • Flexible platforms ensure increased throughput
  • Modular and scalable design allows you to integrate existing instruments and add processes
  • Standard and custom workstation configurations – choose a single or multiple workstations
  • Robust portfolio of automation and detection instruments, with proven application solutions
  • Access to cutting-edge development of new processes for industry and academic research
  • Worldwide service and support