Next-Generation Sequencing

ngs prep

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) enables generation of genomic data in less time and at lower cost than traditional sequencing methods.  However, sample preparation for NGS requires a considerable amount of time and effort.   Manual sample preparation is highly labor intensive and prone to costly errors.  Utilizing a flexible and robust automated liquid handling platform can alleviate sample preparation bottlenecks and help you get the most out of your sequencing investment.

PerkinElmer’s JANUS® Automated Workstation automates key procedures performed before and during the NGS sample preparation workflow, including:  

Whether you are preparing two dozen or several hundred libraries a week, the JANUS platform incorporates key liquid handling technologies for precise operations at any scale.

Get the Benefits of Automation:

  • Better sample-to-sample consistency
  • Decreased hands-on time
  • Fewer sample tracking errors
  • Improved productivity

PerkinElmer provides a variety of technologies designed to address the needs of genomics researchers:

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