Our JANUS® Automated Workstations conduct industry-standard liquid handling protocols in a highly accurate and precise manner, as well as serving as a scalable platform for all laboratory automation where integration of plate shakers, tissue culture incubators, plate storage devices, multilabel plate readers, plate washers, thermocyclers, plate sealers and high content screening analyzers are required. Automation of immunoassays provides a reliable and effective way to conduct assay miniaturization, minimizing reagent volume per well and labor costs, shorter sample processing time, and the ability to obtain many more data points. As a result, labor, consumable material costs and lost productivity are all minimized. Our JANUS Automated Workstations offer flexibility and scalability for robust liquid handling solutions. Liquid handling automation from PerkinElmer improves laboratory efficiency and ensures reproducible, error-free assay execution.

Common applications include:

Summary of features and benefits

Working with a technology leader affords you several benefits.

  • Flexible platforms ensure increased throughput
  • Modular and scalable design allows you to integrate existing instruments and add processes
  • Standard and custom workstation configurations – choose a single or multiple workstations
  • Robust portfolio of automation and detection instruments, with proven application solutions
  • Access to cutting-edge development of new processes for industry and academic research
  • Worldwide service and support