JANUS Forensic Workstations

Forensic identification using DNA evidence has been instrumental in solving crimes, exonerating persons wrongly accused and identifying victims of mass catastrophes. However, the inability of the forensic laboratories to process samples in a consistent and timely manner has hindered the use of DNA as an identification and crime-fighting tool. There currently remains a significant backlog of forensic samples due to the increased demand for DNA analyses. Automated laboratory equipment that can carry out all aspects of DNA processing is needed to reduce this backlog.

To address the needs of the industry, the JANUS® Forensic Workstation efficiently automates the processing of DNA samples including DNA isolation, quantification using real-time QPCR, normalization and dilution, small tandem repeat (STR) typing setup and DNA sequencing plate setup. Our family of automated liquid handling workstations provides flexible configurations, enabling you to automate your laboratory’s entire process from DNA purification through STR sequence analysis or remove a single, critical bottleneck such as QPCR setup. Our automated liquid handling products enhance your laboratory’s productivity and precision by automating the repetitive and manual tasks you require of your laboratory technicians.

Designed specifically for the forensic community, the JANUS Forensic Workstation seamlessly streamlines the entire DNA processing workflow associated with casework and database samples to eliminate human error, reduce contamination and increase a forensic lab’s productivity.

Common applications include:

Summary of features and benefits

Working with a technology leader affords you several benefits.

  • Flexible platforms ensure increased throughput
  • Modular and scalable design allows you to integrate existing instruments and add processes
  • Standard and custom workstation configurations – choose a single or multiple workstations
  • Robust portfolio of automation and detection instruments, with proven application solutions
  • Access to cutting-edge development of new processes for industry and academic research
  • Worldwide service and support