With increased awareness of how the environment impacts biology and human health, the need for rapid, large volume sample testing has become clear. Common toxicological studies of health include, elevated metals content in soil and water, water contamination with pesticides, and lead, however the results needed to substantiate these claims rely on large and consistent sample results.

With the support of a JANUS® Automated Workstation you can deploy your sample testing strategies as a semi-automated or fully automated system to acquire the sample volume you desire. All JANUS workstations are compliant with rigorous regulatory and quality assurance standards, and have the ability to interface with detection instruments for a fully automated solution. With integrated detection instruments, you gain greater flexibility for fluorescence-, luminescence-, and absorbance-based analysis of environmental samples.

Common applications include:

Summary of features and benefits

Working with a technology leader affords you several benefits.

  • Flexible platforms ensure increased throughput
  • Modular and scalable design allows you to integrate existing instruments and add processes
  • Standard and custom workstation configurations – choose a single or multiple workstations
  • Robust portfolio of automation and detection instruments, with proven application solutions
  • Access to cutting-edge development of new processes for industry and academic research
  • Worldwide service and support