Drug Discovery

The Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) process is long and expensive. Typically, it takes years for a compound to go from target concept to a revenue generating medication. The process also involves many phases: from an initial identification of candidates, synthesis, characterization, screening, to assays for therapeutic efficacy.

Processes like primary in vitro HTS/uHTS assays, secondary confirmation screenings (i.e. assigning potency and dose response), counter screens (i.e. selectivity/off-target effects) and ADME/Tox studies require an enormous number of samples to be screened and analyzed. In order to accommodate high throughput and high content screening requirements, our JANUS family of automated liquid handling workstations provide effective and innovative automation tools that allow for fast, flexible, and reliable processing and analysis of nucleic acid or protein-based samples as well as cell-based assays.

Automated liquid handling has become an essential tool for streamlining laboratory workflows during the discovery and development processes of new therapeutic solutions. The JANUS platform utilizes laboratory-validated protocols, reduces handling errors and increases user safety regardless of the complexity of your protocols.

Summary of features and benefits

Working with a technology leader affords you several benefits.

  • Flexible platforms ensure increased throughput
  • Modular and scalable design allows you to integrate existing instruments and add processes
  • Standard and custom workstation configurations – choose a single or multiple workstations
  • Robust portfolio of automation and detection instruments, with proven application solutions
  • Access to cutting-edge development of new processes for industry and academic research
  • Worldwide service and support