OneSource Lab IT Services

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As part of our comprehensive offerings from OneSource® Laboratory Services, PerkinElmer offers a number of Lab IT Services to help labs optimize their scientific productivity with effective use of information technology. These service solutions combine scientific and technical expertise with defined project management and information technology process methodologies, to create predictable and measurable information technology outcomes regardless of instrument technology or manufacturer.

Lab Computing

Consulting, project management and solutions for managing new technology introductions into labs, as well as workflow improvement recommendations and service level based support solutions.

Scientific Data Services

Identification of the scientific problems requiring a data solution and establishing an architecture for effective data access, including domain specific ontologies. Transformation of data from multiple source into usable information that appears as a single, coherent data source with an analytics capability. Providing data analysis expertise and reporting specific scientific problems

Computer Systems Validation

Creation of master validation plans and process, management and execution of validation projects for new or upgraded computer systems.

Scientific Application Services

Requirements analysis and project planning, implementation of new or upgraded software applications, creation of operation and transition plans and ongoing application support and consulting:

  • Scientific and Laboratory Applications Management
  • Scientific Applications Development and Integration
  • Enterprise Scientific and Laboratory Applications Deployment

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