Next Generation Sequencing & BioInformatics

Next Generation Sequencing Applications

On-Demand NGS Services

From Samples to Results®, PerkinElmer offers an array of on-demand NGS solutions, and all backed by a team of genomic experts to guide you through the best practices for this fast evolving technology. Move your NGS research into the fast track and focus on science not technology.

NextGen Sequencing 

Next Gen Sequencing

  • Sequencing and data analysis in one package
  • High throughput, high quality, high touch
  • CLIA certified
Data Analysis 

NextGen Data Analysis

  • Visualize and mine volumes of NGS data
  • Compare data across applications
  • Collaborate with anytime, anywhere access
  • Watch Video
Sequencing LIMS 

Sequencing LIMS

  • Designed by biologists for biologists
  • Faster out-of-the-box deployment
  • Supports multiple technologies and applications
  • Watch Video