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Solutions for Environmental Monitoring for Continuous Support of Japan

2011 Japan Earthquake

Researchers in Japan assess the effectiveness of nuclear clean up efforts with the help of PerkinElmer instruments.

When natural disasters occur, each passing day brings the threat of further contamination. The days after are crucial for collecting and testing samples, reassuring the safety of the people in and around the area. The ultimate goal of detecting and preventing any future contamination will be a result of great efforts including continuous monitoring.

Lending a Hand in Japan

A few weeks after the earthquake and nuclear disaster that befell Japan last March, PerkinElmer lent Japanese researchers equipment for measuring radiation. The move helped the scientists kick-start research projects about the extent of the contamination from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Researchers used PerkinElmer tools to map out radioactive contamination. The instruments also played a role in the development of protocols for removing contaminated topsoil in public areas such as school yards and playgrounds.

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