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Food Safety Expertise

With recent concerns around the safety and quality of food products, PerkinElmer has become a resource for providing expertise and instrumentation, such as the Frontier™ NIR and AxION® DSA TOF MS, to tackle these issues. Watch a recently televised CNN Money report to learn how PerkinElmer is making a difference to help ensure food authenticity.

Harnessing Big Data for Better Insights and Decisions

Watch CEO Rob Friel discuss how PerkinElmer’s ability to harness data will enable significant advancements in healthcare and the environment.

    Closing Bell ringing to celebrate 75th anniversary

    Celebrating 75 Years of Making Life Better

    Robert Friel, chairman and chief executive officer of PerkinElmer, and members of the Company's executive team, commemorate the 75th anniversary of the PerkinElmer brand by ringing the Closing Bell® of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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    Watch Rob Friel Discuss PerkinElmer's Strengths and Future Growth

    Rob Friel was recently interviewed by "The Street" where he explained how strong financial results and market position are driving growth for the Company, and positively influencing Wall Street's outlook.

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    Increased Quality and Longevity of Life

    CEO Rob Friel explains the growing impact our environment has on our health. PerkinElmer is focused on improving detection and imaging capabilities to ensure better disease diagnosis and treatment as well as safer food and water.

    PerkinElmer and University Researchers Find 'Ocean Drugs'
    PerkinElmer and University Researchers Find 'Ocean Drugs'

    PerkinElmer and University Researchers Find "Ocean Drugs"

    PerkinElmer's JANUS® Automated Workstation is featured on CNBC's Tech Effect on the topic of "Ocean Drugs," highlighting the work of researchers as they scour the ocean floor to uncover natural compounds to combat major diseases.