Laboatory Computing Services

The support and management of benchtop computing in a laboratory environment is challenging. Varying instrument vendors, system requirements, and Information Technology (IT) skills complicate laboratory computing, derailing researchers from their science and away from the path to efficiency. We're here to help.

OneSource® Lab Computing Services can meet your demanding needs and eliminate problems your lab may be experiencing. Our Information Service professionals undergo a training and certification program to ensure they deliver the necessary IT skills, instrument technology knowledge, and compliance expertise providing a single solution for maximum scientific productivity.

Lab Computing Projects

  • IT Asset Inventory: the first step to effectively managing the IT assets of a laboratory is to take inventory and determine the state of each asset. OneSource Information Services asset inventory captures details on: computer hardware, operating system, software, network connection, instrument, and instrument software
  • IT Risk Mitigation: the information captured by the IT Asset Inventory is used to evaluate each system against platform and security requirements. A mitigation plan is formulated for each system and/or each unmet requirement. Prioritization is based on the risk of data loss and the risk to infrastructure integrity
  • Standard Platform Deployment: deployment of patches to an existing computer, replacement of a vendor provided computer with a standard corporate machine and deployment of enterprise applications such as an antivirus solution
  • Data Sweep Technology Deployment: an essential component of a data loss strategy, removes the burden of data backup and storage from you while satisfying 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Includes sweep of: scientific applications, different types of data files, including the raw data acquired, files used for acquisition, to generate processed results and requirements to reprocess data
  • Change Management: a risk-based approach to change management and validation/ qualification is utilized to develop a practical approach while maintaining the validated state. Our change management deployment includes a well-planned change management approach that minimizes redundant efforts and leverages existing data
  • Service-Level Agreement Solutions: as with the support of non-scientific systems, approved service level agreements are essential for minimizing the impact to the business and for ensuring that regulatory requirements are met. Our support organization will proactively analyze performance against service level agreements and adjust for continuous improvement

Lab Computing

  • IT Asset Inventory
  • IT Risk Mitigation
  • Standard Platform Deployment
  • Data Sweep Technology Deployment
  • Change Management
  • Service-Level Agreement Solutions