Lab Instrument Concierge

PerkinElmer OneSource® Instrument Concierge services offer the ultimate level of customer service that is tailored to each specific lab's needs, requirements, and users. Because OneSource personnel are highly skilled, on site, and always at your service, they provide a deep level of instrumentation expertise that will enhance your lab's daily workflow and overall process improvement model.

As embedded members of your team, OneSource specialists can provide your lab staff with a wide variety of laboratory capabilities, the ability to tailor instrumentation to the customized specifications of individual users, as well as provide a level of support, responsiveness, and knowledge tailored to meet your needs, your lab, and your success.

OneSource Instrument Concierge Services

  • Hyper care of instrumentation
  • System set-up and performing OneSource Instrument Checks
  • Implementing best practices in the lab
  • Running of routine experiments

Say hello to the next level in instrument service.

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OneSource Instrument Concierge

  • Hyper care of instrumentation
  • Best laboratory practices implementation
  • Routine set-up and performance checks