OneSource Lab Efficiency

Laboratories are generally overburdened by non-valued, added work and are constantly being pressured to improve efficiency and increase productivity. This can overwhelm even the best-run labs. The simplest approach, with the highest chance for success, is for labs to concentrate on science, while outsourcing non-core lab activities.

By employing our "Efficiency-by-Design" model, OneSource® helps labs to improve operations and increase the efficiency of their scientific activities. It is a lab efficiency consulting platform based on three simple action items: Standardize, Automate, and Specialize, that are used to Assess, Propose, and Implement operational effectiveness of labs and transform their operations into an effective lab of the future.

OneSource Laboratory Efficiency Consulting Services

  • Scientifically driven lab assessments and benchmarking
  • Holistic evaluation of lab operations and processes
  • Development of a strategic roadmap with short term "quick wins" along with longer-term improvement projects
  • Full solution deployment — instrumentation, informatics, people, and training

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Lab Efficiency Consulting

  • Holistic evaluation of lab operations and processes
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Full solution deployment