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Fast, Cost-Effective Dispense Head Repair

Should your liquid handling dispense head fail due to accidental damage or prolonged, heavy usage, OneSource will re-condition your dispense head back to like-new standards at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new dispense head.

Refurbishment service is available on 96- and 384-channel heads for:

  • PerkinElmer Trak systems
  • Beckman Coulter® liquid handling systems
  • PerkinElmer Evolution P3 and Janus® systems
  • PerkinElmer CellLux and LumiLux
  • Molecular Devices FLIPR® systems (Phone to confirm head configuration)

Technical Standards for Dispense Head Repair

OneSource uses center lapped pistons only. This provides improved uniformity, surface finish and straightness over other techniques. PerkinElmer's proprietary three-part seal technology is extremely high quality and has a proven performance. However, on request, PerkinElmer can quote replacement parts using Bal®-Seal spring-energized seals.

The refurbishment service is carried out by certified experts and utilizes the original manufacturing process, using original parts, so you''ll have no validation or performance worries when it''s returned. You'll quickly be generating results you can have confidence in.

Maximize scientific, operational and financial efficiencies

  • Cost-effective: A fully re-conditioned dispense head is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new replacement.
  • Quality repair: Re-conditioned dispense heads operate to manufacturers'' specifications
  • Variety of models: A wide range of dispense heads can be reconditioned, including all 96- and 384-channel dispense heads from PerkinElmer and select versions from Molecular Devices and Beckman Coulter.
  • Factory-approved parts: High quality service performed by factory-trained service engineers using factory-approved parts.
  • Fast-turnaround: Rapid five-working-day turnaround.

Contact us to schedule maintenance or repair.

Depot Repair for Dispense Heads

OneSource provides enhanced depot services for the most critical part of your liquid handling automation system: the dispense head.