Asset Utilization

Making the right decisions concerning how laboratory assets are deployed, utilized and managed throughout their lifecycle allows labs to make the proper choices and implement changes that will increase productivity, gain efficiency, and drive overall business improvement. However, collecting and compiling the data required to drive those decisions can be challenging.

Fortunately, PerkinElmer OneSource® addresses this challenge through the integration of maintenance and utilization data. Asset Genius is a business intelligence tool that seamlessly and automatically collects specific asset utilization data from anywhere in the lab.

Asset Genius uses the industry's leading integration and data collection technology to:

  • Automatically capture utilization data from networked instruments in the lab, regardless of manufacturer
  • Provides utilization trends, comparative analyses and asset performance insights
  • Interactively visualize dashboard data using TIBCO Spotfire® (optional)
  • Connect Utilization data to your OneSource maintenance data through the Business Analytics Consulting Program

For better laboratory utilization.

Business Intelligence for Laboratory Asset Utilization

  • Asset utilization data
  • Collect and analyze asset information
  • Utilization trends and comparative analyses