Business Analytics

Reports and anecdotal information only take you so far in understanding how efficiently your laboratory is operating. What’s more, anecdotal information may be incomplete, making it difficult to improve processes.

To eliminate those challenges and increase overall lab efficiency, PerkinElmer has developed the OneSource® Business Analytics Consultant Program.

The program provides options from individual custom reports to dedicated Business Analytics Consultants. We will work side by side with your team to produce company-specific reports and provide actionable recommendations based on your goals and objectives.

Program Details

Custom Report Delivery ProgramCustom Reporting with Recommendations ProgramFull or part time Consultant Program
Fixed price per reportFixed price per reportWork with your team to develop success criteria
Delivered on a scheduled basisDelivered on a scheduled basisBuild custom reports and deliver on a scheduled basis
 Report delivered with specific recommendations for actionWork with your team to help implement recommendations

Example Program Benefits

  • Identify complex instrument maintenance trends and patterns
  • Optimize asset footprint required to run your business
  • Optimize scientific workflows for increased efficiencies
  • Provide predictive maintenance based on usage rather than time*
  • Integrate OneSource maintenance data with PC attributes, usage, and suitability data for 360° view of lab assets*

Optimize, integrate, accelerate.

*Requires optional Asset Genius software.

Business Analytics Consultant Program

  • Multiple data visualization options
  • Interactive multi-dimensional data