DNA Bioinformatics Partnerships

We have developed partnerships to provide a range of high quality bioinformatics solutions for our customers, to complement our high quality sequencing solutions:


With Geospiza as part of the PerkinElmer family, we have an ongoing program of software and automated workflow development, tied to our Sequencing Services program. The software is based on industry accepted and supported tools, put together in a robust, user friendly, automated LIMS and Analysis pipeline. The Geospiza software is used to run our sequencing center, as well as perform multiple levels of analysis on our private cloud environment. Our system provides periodic RSS feeds to keep customers informed of the progress of their projects through our sequencing center.  The Analysis software  is available to our customers to use through an access fee for our cloud environment.  It is capable of performing 3 tiered analysis on DNA & RNA for arrays, Sanger and Next Generation sequencing platforms. 
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Genome Quest logo

We have formed a partnership with GenomeQuest to be sequencing service provider of high quality, rapid turnaround exome & targeted resequencing and analysis.  GenomeQuest is a global provider of large-scale genomic software applications.  Based on a whole/multi-genome hosting platform, the company’s products serve major pharmaceutical companies, global agricultural firms, biotech firms, IP legal groups, genome centers, academic research centers, diagnostic companies and labs, and universities around the world. 
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We have formed a partnership with Knome to be a sequencing service provider of high quality, rapid turnaround exome & targeted resequencing and analysis. Knome specializes in interpreting human genomes for researchers, physicians, and families—pinpointing the genetic variants that govern drug response, characterize cancer, and influence disease risk. Powering the services that Knome offers is kGAP, a genome interpretation engine that automates the process of finding and interpreting causal genetic variants.
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