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Laboratory UOQ

The OneSource UOQ program provides an instrumentation qualification program for maximum productivity and ongoing regulatory compliance capability. The program encompasses, where applicable, pharmacopeial (USP, EP and JP) compliance with a design and approach that streamlines documentation across all major models of laboratory instruments, regardless of manufacturer:

  • Simplified OQ with uniform reports
  • Existing data acquisition system
  • Automated
  • Encrypted secure reporting using digital certificate technology to prevent duplication and tampering
Before Qualification

Before Qualification

Review Protocol – User-configurable for all set points and limits, providing full customization. The Review Protocol may be used for individual instruments or as a single protocol to harmonize all instruments.

During Qualification

During Qualification

Instrument Testing – Service engineers perform the qualification testing according to your specifications. Multiple systems can be tested at the same time and even overnight, significantly increasing uptime.
UOQ Report – An ultra-secure qualification report is generated using built-in calculations and pass/fail determinations for reliable documentation

After Qualification

After Qualification

Compliant – UOQ meets the highest regulatory standards and current international guidelines
Simplified – Easy-to-read reports with no hidden algorithms
Audit ready – Digital archiving of data and records makes gathering information easy for audits

UOQ is an innovative, harmonized, cross-platform approach that simplifies the entire qualification process. We offer the UOQ for GC, LC, IR and UV instruments.

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