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Pre-eclampsia Products (outside USA only)


PlGF Assay For Pre-eclampsia Screening

PerkinElmer has launched the first placental growth factor (PlGF) assay for pre-eclampsia screening. The PlGF in vitro diagnostic assay provides the performance benefits of the DELFIA® chemistry, and runs on platforms that are already established in laboratories and clinics performing aneuploidy screening.

B055-301 DELFIA/AutoDELFIA PlGF 1-2-3

6007-0030/6007-003C DELFIA® Xpress PlGF 1-2-3 kit

Human Pregnancy Serum PlGF Controls

Excellence in the QC materials used is critical to ensuring the integrity of results. In PerkinElmer’s CE marked PlGF Controls product human pregnancy serum is used, hence the controls behave exactly like the unknown samples to provide the best guarantee of reliable results.

3090-0010 PlGF Controls

Pre-eclampsia Predictor - Dedicated Software For Pre-eclampsia Screening

Pre-eclampsia Predictor provides laboratories with the ability to calculate pre-eclampsia risk in batches utilizing results from all PerkinElmer platforms; DELFIA Xpress®, AutoDELFIA®, and modular DELFIA®. The application employs a risk calculation engine that provides laboratories with assurance their risk results will be consistent based on entered data.

5002-0410 Pre-eclampsia Predictor software for first trimester pre-eclampsia screening


Products are not available in the US and Japan. For information on availability please contact your local sales representative.