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Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) and Pre-eclampsia

There is evidence that in a high proportion of pregnancies predisposed to develop pre-eclampsia the maternal mean arterial pressure (MAP) is increased at 11 to 13 weeks1. Combination of MAP with other markers facilitates a more effective method of screening for pre-eclampsia.

How to Measure Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)

The blood pressure should be measured using automated devices, validated for pre-eclampsia (see list below).

DeviceModelValidation criteria*


MIT Elite (HEM-7300-WE)




A/B3 or B/B4


WatchBP Home






M7 (HEM 780)

B/B7 or B/A8

GE Carescape

(Old name Dinamap ProCare 400)


*Validation criteria recommended by British Hypertension Society (BHS). The device has to achieve a grade A or B for both SBP and DBP to be recommended for clinical use.


  • The woman should be in a comfortable seated position with her arms supported at the level of the heart and legs uncrossed.
  • Cuff size should be selected depending on the mid-arm circumference.
  • Neither observer nor patient should talk for 5 min before or during the measurement.

Mean arterial pressure positioning


  • The blood pressure (BP) should be measured in both arms simultaneously.
  • Series of recordings should be made at 1-minute intervals.
    • It is recommended10 to take the measurements until variations between consecutive readings fall within 10 mm Hg systolic (SBP) and 6 mm Hg in diastolic pressure (DBP) in both arms and then the last two measurements are used10.
    • Alternatively, the minimum of 2 readings can be used11.

How is The Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) Calculated?

MAP is calculated from the systolic and diastolic readings:

MAP systolic and diastolic readings


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PerkinElmer products for pre-eclampsia are not available in all countries. For information on availability please contact your local sales representative.

Information provided within the Overview of Pre-eclampsia is for information purposes only and not intended to be construed as medical guidance. Always contact your healthcare professional for assessment and direction regarding your health.