Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Make Your Data Analytics Even More Efficient, Effective and Connected

Imagine having a dynamic informatics solution at your fingertips, opening the door to a whole new level of scientific inquiry and insight.  PerkinElmer Informatics solutions provide that ability.  Our robust solutions enable access to data with improved efficiency along with the ability to analyze and visualize much more easily. 

Our platforms provide efficient workflow management and data processing to make scientists and technicians more productive in such disciplines as Targeted Discovery, Clinical Trial Operations, and Material Science to name a few. Our solutions can sift through and then analyze, visualize, and support the sharing of the massive amounts of digital data produced by laboratories. They also aid the integration and automation of enterprise-wide processes or can be combined with workflow management to increase lab efficiency and produce more accurate and reproducible results.

Ease the complexities of data and analytics and deepen your insights with proven solutions from PerkinElmer.

Learn more about our Integrated Solutions below.

Clinical Development and Trial Operations

Improve efficiencies in discovering new therapeutics, launching products and aligning marketing campaigns.

Drug Discovery

Unify, visualize, contextualize, and operationalize data seamlessly at your fingertips.

Material Science

Accelerate innovation and increase the speed at which R&D is performed.

Targeted Discovery

Navigate the challenges of efficient data collection, management and integration of complex datasets to screen drug targets.

Translational Research

Out-of-the box support for translational research, without the need for customization.