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Solutions Across Industries

Solutions Across Industries

Accelerate the Discovery to Commercialization Process Across a Multitude of Industries

As the direction of science and discovery changes across industries, what doesn’t change is the need for greater collaboration, faster insights, and improved user experiences when working with scientific data. Our robust Informatics solutions are ideal for industry-specific applications such as biologics research in Pharmaceutical and Biotech, weather and soil condition monitoring in Agriculture, and testing and innovating raw materials in the Chemicals industry to name a few.

Our platforms provide efficient workflow management and data processing to help scientists and technicians become more productive. Our solutions can sift through and then analyze, visualize, and support the sharing of the massive amounts of digital data produced by laboratories. They also aid the integration and automation of processes or can be combined with workflow management to increase lab efficiency and produce more accurate and reproducible results.

Ease the complexities of data and analytics and deepen your insights with proven solutions from PerkinElmer.

Learn more about our Industry capabilities below.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Unify siloed data and fast-track R&D activities with visualization and analytics solutions that transform isolated data into stunning discovery.


Achieve your ultimate goal of delivering commercially viable products faster with our solutions designed to uncover new insights in chemical and material research.

Food and Beverage

A complete package for data capture, data management, data analysis and visualization for deeper analysis and insights.


Provide your labs with proven solutions to better capture, manage, visualize, learn from and share your data.


Data-driven technology infrastructure with real-time streaming analytics to help satisfy pressing operational demands.

Agriculture Sciences

Reap the advantages of visualizing your crop science data pipeline with data analytics solutions designed to seamlessly collect, analyze and leverage data.


Publish discoveries with speed and confidence by creating, visualizing and applying new knowledge using industry-standard software.