HCS Research Areas

Discover more about some of the many research areas PerkinElmer cellular imaging products support.

cancer research

Cancer Research

Cellular imaging has revolutionized cancer biology by enabling cells to be seen more clearly and in more detail as well as creating meaningful functional assays for the development of drugs which prevent tumor growth and metastasis.




High content analysis is a powerful tool for neuroscience that provides rich data for research.


infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases

HCS plays a significant role in infectious disease research as it enables high throughput functional and phenotypic assays that can be adapted to a wide range of pathogens.




High content screening is a cost effective tool to run dedicated toxicity tests on relevant model systems.


stem cell research

Stem Cell Research

Stem cells and differentiation are not only subject to a lot of research but have become useful tools for research.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.