S10 Autosampler for Atomic Spectroscopy

Product number N2020005

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The PerkinElmer S10 autosampler is a computer-controlled, multi-purpose sampling system for AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS. The autosampler automates standard and sample introduction for instrument calibration and sample analysis, extending the spectrometer's capabilities to those of a fully automated analytical workstation.

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Product Details

Fast, accurate sample access
An advanced drive system with high-precision motors moves the sampling arm of the S10 in the X and Y coordinates simultaneously, minimizing changeover time between samples. Random-access programming gives the user exceptional flexibility in the placement of samples and reference solutions.

Large, flexible sample capacity
The S10 provides more than 200 vessel positions for maximum capacity. Sample racks are easily interchanged, reducing analysis setup times and giving you the flexibility to use different-sized sample vessels matched to your analytical needs.


Key Benefits

  • Large, flexible sampling capacity
  • Fast, accurate random access
  • Corrosion-resistant sampling components
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Flow through rinse station to minimize sample-to-sample contamination