AutoPrep 50 Automatic Dilution System

Product number B3140002

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The AutoPrep 50TM Automatic Dilution System is a compact, fully computer-controlled system for intelligent automatic sample and reference dilution for flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, providing fully automated calibration and dilution capabilities when directly connected to a PerkinElmer autosampler or when used with manual sample introduction.

Key features include:

  • Digital microstepper motor-driven piston pump for controlling sample or reference solution flows
  • High performance switching valves (sample pump, input, output and diluent)
  • Holding coil
  • Automated calibration
  • On-line dilution factors of up to 200
  • Automatic rinse function
  • System bypass
  • Chemically inert materials used for all parts contacting sample, reference or diluent solutions

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