Biotherapeutics WorkflowBiotherapeutics Workflow

Biotherapeutic drug development continues to rapidly grow, and a large number of these drugs have been approved for treatment of patients with cancer, inflammatory disease and multiple rare diseases due to their highly targeted and specific nature. Regulatory demands continue to be high, and robust and reproducible data is required to meet them. Researchers are in constant need of novel and unique techniques that will allow them to develop biotherapeutics faster and still meet regulatory demands in order to accelerate their drugs into the clinic. 

PerkinElmer offers solutions to ensure the consistent, reproducible results your biotherapeutics research and patient safety considerations demand. GLP-compliant processes in the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contract research organizations include our portfolio of assays and reagents, multimode plate readers, instrumentation, automation solutions, informatics and technical expertise across the biotherapeutics workflow: