Protein Purification and Analysis

JANUS Biotherapeutics WorkstationJANUS BioTx Workstation

Production of purified, active cloned proteins is a requirement for development and analysis of protein therapeutics.  Traditional approaches for small scale purification such as gravity or spin columns often lack robustness and throughput, while larger scale approaches require high sample volumes for characterization and analysis, which is not always available. PerkinElmer solutions enable automated small-scale purification while maintaining the performance required for functional and analytical characterization of protein therapeutics.

Increasing Throughput for Small-Scale Protein Purification

PerkinElmer’s automated workstations for protein purification open the pathway to obtaining higher throughput for small-scale purification.  The built-in flexibility of our JANUS BioTx Pro Workstation allows you to expand capacity as requirements for sample throughput increase. Applications include resin binding studies, conditions screening and supports the use of commercially available plates and column-based screening tools like GE Predictor(R)plates, PhyNexus(R) Tips and Atoll MediaScout(R) columns. The Biotherapeutics Workstation can be combined with PerkinElmer's LabChip GXII Touch to accelerate your research and eliminate the need to handle time-consuming SDS Page gels.

The Zephyr compact liquid handling workstation can process of up to 96 samples in parallel in a small footprint, conserving lab space.  The Sciclone G3 liquid handling system provides high-throughput assay preparation with your choice of vacuum or positive pressure devices for filter plate-based purification methods.

Addressing the Challenges of Small-Volume Protein Characterization

PerkinElmer solutions for protein characterization provide high-performance, robust protein quantitation assays with minimal sample consumption.  The microfluidics-based LabChip DS performs UV/Vis quantitation in as little as 3 µL of sample and analyzes 96 samples in less than 5 minutes, also enabling increased throughput for small-scale purification.  In addition, our multimode plate readers give researchers simple and reliable solutions for determining protein concentration using well-established techniques such as the Bradford assay. 

Enhanced Throughput for High-Volume Protein Quantitation and Purification

Increasing demands for protein quantitation and purification has rnesulted in the new concept of a fully automated workstation. The cell:explorer is a dedicated workstation for protein quantitation and purification using PerkinElmer’s world-class liquid handling and LabChip DS systems and multimode detection technology.