Discovery and development of drugs that are both effective and safe remains a challenge in today’s healthcare industry. Translating the relevant biomarkers linked to a disease and indicative of target engagement and modulation is key to progressing beyond clinical failures.  Multiple biomarker strategies require a selection of model systems that best replicate human disease.  PerkinElmer offers a variety of solutions that allow scientists to more fully understand the complex role of biomarkers in the discovery, pre-clinical, and phase IV stages of drug development: 

  • Next Gen Sequencing studies provide a discovery mechanism for mutations within disease genomes that aid in identification of biomarkers for monitoring the response of pathway targeted therapy
  • Imaging and quantifying tissue biomarkers in research pathology assists in understanding disease, translating to better treatment development
  • Monitoring and validating in vivo biomarkers during pre-clinical studies can provide previously unobtainable information such as pharmacology and side effect profiles and a drug's pharmacokinetic profile
  • Tools for the mechanistic studies of target compound interactions are integral in early development studies for determining pathway signaling and potential off-target effects
  • Our Services provide a wide range of techniques and models used to conduct biomarker discovery and analysis studies in cell based assays, animal disease models and in tissues