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Egyptian Neonatal Screening Laboratory Is World’s Largest

When the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) first approached PerkinElmer and its distribution partner HVD Vertriebs GMBH with the idea of building a new, centralized laboratory for neonatal screening, the operative phrase was “Think big.”

With nearly 84 million people and 2.6 million births each year, Egypt has the largest and fastest growing population in the Arab world. To meet the country’s goal of providing free neonatal screening to all Egyptian newborns, MOHP worked with PerkinElmer to construct the Egyptian Newborn Screening Laboratory in Cairo. This state-of-the-art facility features PerkinElmer’s Genetic Screening Processor® (GSP®) and Specimen Gate® Informatics, the most sophisticated neonatal screening tools available. Read more

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From prenatal and maternal screening to newborn genetic testing and cord blood banking, PerkinElmer is there every step of the way during one of the most exciting times in a family’s life. Through research and innovative new technologies, PerkinElmer touches over 27 million pregnancies and births every year.

Our technologies, reflected in the products and services we offer, support a pro-active approach to health care. With a comprehensive array of screening options, the mother and fetus can be screened early for genetic conditions that may impact the pregnancy or newborn. After birth, a newborn can be screened for over 50 different disorders and often with early treatment, complications can be avoided. And with the unique option of cord blood banking, with ViaCord families have the opportunity to store cord blood stem cells for future use in the treatment of nearly 80 life-threatening diseases.

PerkinElmer is changing and enhancing lives around the world. You can rely on our people and our technologies for healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, and healthy families.