New, more efficient forensic testing that can solve back log
Today Forensic analytical labs across a wide range of disciplines have a greater demand to deliver scientifically sound, accurate and defensible data in a shorter amount of time. That’s where PerkinElmer can help. We understand the chemistry, how back log can impact your lab and how vital it is to deliver confident results – faster than ever before.

Advanced, high-performance chromatography, mass spectrometry and FT-IR instruments
From sample preparation and analysis, quality control and data review to final analytical reporting, our forensic solutions include precise, proven methods and expert support and services.

Trace Evidence Analysis
Accurately identify and quantitate low-level analytes in small sample amounts, while preserving the maximum amount for other tests – often critical to crime-scene investigations.

Toxicology and Controlled Substances
Integrated solutions to deliver time-sensitive information and that have the ideal combination of mass accuracy, dynamic range and sensitivity for easy and accurate screening and confirmation of known and unknown compounds.

DNA Analysis
Eliminate the major backlogs that plague most forensic labs with our Forensic Workstation Liquid Handling system.