Food Fraud

Protect your brand by ensuring the integrity and authenticity of ingredients in your products.

Each year, billions of dollars are lost to food fraud. From geographical origin and species identification to dilution, substitution or product enhancement, PerkinElmer scientists have the passion, experience and know-how to develop new screening technologies and services to help food processors authenticate and protect the integrity of their products, uncovering food fraud at its source and stopping it in its tracks.

Feature Adulterant Screen: PerkinElmer’s New Adulterant Screen software on our FT-IR and NIR systems, allows everyone in your lab can be a food-fraud specialist. That’s because it enables you to perform pass/ fail screening for adulterants and authenticity, with no sample preparation and no scientific background required, in a minute or less. Setup is simple, too, with customizable workflows and powerful results visualization features that you can easily add extra safeguards into ingredient authentication and materials verification processes. Learn More

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Application Note: Augmenting Nutritional Testing of Milk Powder with Adulterant Screening

Milk powder is one of the most widely traded food commodities, but is also a frequent target of food fraud. DairyGuard Milk Powder Analyzer is a complete solution that detects adulterants both known and unknown as well as standard quantitative analyses.

Application Note: Differentiating Between Natural and Artificial Vanilla Flavoring

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice, next to saffron, and is used as flavoring in the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. Because the production of vanilla beans is so costly, the price of natural vanilla extract is three to five times higher than the artificial product. This makes the product a target of economically motivated fraud.

Case Study: Pomegranate Juice Adulteration

Pomegranate juice has been adulterated with various other fruit juices or even manufactured from only sugars, colorants and other ingredients without containing any fruit juice at all. It is also one of those complex food ingredients that may vary significantly in its composition depending on climatic and geographic factors. Read how our AxION2 DSA-TOF/MS ensures your juice is authentic.