Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is an important and timely industry focused on reducing and conserving fossil fuels, which in the short term will continue to be a major energy source. New regulations and trends in “green” energy solutions continue to drive growth and demand in this industry. PerkinElmer is a leader in sensors and light emitting diodes (LEDs), both of which are pivotal in energy conservation efforts.


You face strict regulatory requirements in this industry. We have the regulatory expertise to ensure you meet ASTM and national standards. And our solutions give you the scalability and flexibility to respond to the inevitable changes in the work you do.

Need guaranteed, fully tested, and ready-to-go analyzer solutions? Our Arnel gas chromatography turnkey solutions cover more than 100 applications in many industries that handle petrochemicals.

Renewable Energy

Whether your company is just beginning to understand the opportunities that exist in biofuels or solar energy or you are already leading the way in next generation fuel or energy development, we have a full suite of instrumentation and lab solutions to help you achieve regulatory compliance.