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DSC 8000 Advanced Double-Furnace Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Product number: N5340511

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Unit size: 1/EA

Deepen your insights with our exclusive DSC technology - See what a double-furnace can do for you

With our new DSC 8000 you can expect greater sensitivity and accuracy then you ever thought possible. This double-furnace, power compensation DSC has been redesigned with you in mind. We've improved everything from the furnace design and the lights that illuminate them to the autosampler - giving you fast and reliable results easier than ever before. One look at this instrument will impress you. One look at your data will open your eyes to a world of new opportunity.

Take your lab to the next level with our DSC 8000.

Let us show you how.

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  • All new double-furnace design delivers the most accurate heat-flow measurements

  • Symmetrical design ensures that instrument response from sample and reference pans are always identical

  • Non-oxidating, chemically resistant platinum alloy furnaces

  • Controlled heating and cooling for the most accurate results

Product Details

Typical applications for the DSC 8000:

  • Isothermal kinetics studies - Measure samples at a true constant temperature
  • UV curing in polymers - Rapid response measures even the fastest cures
  • Process and product improvement - Demanding industrial and academic research