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Veterinary Applications

At PerkinElmer, we realize that your pets are a part of your extended families. This is why your pets, companion animals and agricultural livestock now benefit from our FPD technology used in X-ray systems for human patients.

Our XRpad portable wireless and wired detectors, with x-ray systems, offer industry leading 100 μm pixel pitch to effectively image the small structures in companion animals and horses with high resolution and outstanding image quality.

Our detectors are used in these x-ray system applications:

  • Equine
  • Birds
  • Small animal
  • Large animal

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PerkinElmer flat panel X-ray detectors are components intended to be integrated into products by X-ray systems manufacturers. Systems manufacturers are responsible for qualifying and validating their products for intended uses and meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.


XRD 0822 AO, AP a-Si Flat Panel X-Ray Detector


Our XRD 0822 Digital X-ray Flat Panel Detectors feature an 8-inch field of view and a 200 μm pixel pitch.

XRpad 3025 Wireless a-Si X-Ray Detector


Our XRpad™ 3025 is a wireless, light weight, cassette-sized FPD with a 12" x 10" (30 cm x 25 cm) imaging area.

XRpad 4336 Wireless a-Si X-Ray Detector


The XRpad™ 4336 is a wireless, light weight, cassette-sized FPD with a 14" x 17" (35 cm x 43 cm) imaging area.

XRpad 4343 Wireless a-Si X-Ray Detector

4343 F

Our wireless XRpad™ 4343 F is a light weight, cassette-sized FPD with a 17" x 17" (43 cm x 43 cm) imaging area.