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Today’s state-of-the-art radiation therapy and radiosurgery systems demand the best in digital X-ray detectors. These oncology treatment systems typically utilize a powerful high energy (MV) X-Ray source to irradiate the tumour, in combination with a kV cone-beam computed tomography (CT) or stereotactic imaging system to precisely pinpoint the tumor site, before and during treatment.
Our MV FPDs are specifically designed to withstand these high-energy environments and to ensure longer detector lifetime and lower cost-of-ownership. Our detectors provide exceptional image quality and contrast resolution suitable for delineating fine anatomical structures. Our X-ray detectors are specially designed to meet the imaging component requirements of radiation therapy for cancer treatment and enhance our customers’ X-ray systems enabling them to provide more effective therapy. 

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PerkinElmer flat panel X-ray detectors are components intended to be integrated into products by X-ray systems manufacturers. Systems manufacturers are responsible for qualifying and validating their products for intended uses and meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.



Our Dexela 1207 CMOS FPD features a 1536 × 864 Pixel Matrix and offers high speed and low noise.

Dexela 1313 CMOS Flat Panel X-ray Detector

1313 (In Development)

Our Dexela 1313 has a pixel design that allows it to be used in 50 or 100 μm modes without losing image quality.

XRD 0822 AO, AP a-Si Flat Panel X-Ray Detector


Our XRD 0822 Digital X-ray Flat Panel Detectors feature an 8-inch field of view and a 200 μm pixel pitch.

XRD 1642 Wireless a-Si X-Ray Detector

1642 AP

Our XRD 1642 AP offers over 87 dB of dynamic range and frame rates up to 100 fps via multiple read-out modes.