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Mammography & Tomosynthesis

Mammography uses X-rays to capture images (mammograms) of the internal structure of the breast. Good quality mammography can help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages, when it is too small to be felt or detected by other methods.

Full-field digital mammography (FFDM) is the process by which X-rays are beamed through the breast to an X-ray detector which creates a digital picture. This is sent to a workstation and/or a printer.

We possess extensive experience in breast imaging, and especially in breast tomosynthesis. Our Dexela 2923MAM and 2315MAM detectors were designed for FFDM. They have outstanding low dose, high frequency DQE for good image quality with low radiation dose, as well as a 75 µm pixel pitch and high resolution CsI scintillator to enable imaging of small features such as micro-calcifications and spiculations.

The Dexela 2923MAM and 2315MAM detectors have enclosures specially optimized for FFDM:

  • Detector is wedge shaped at the chest wall to aid patient positioning for Craniocaudal views
  • Distance from active area to edge of enclosure is <3mm to aid patient positioning for MLO views

Our Dexela 2923MAM was designed with advanced breast imaging applications in mind: tomosynthesis and breast CT as well as FFDM. The small distance from the active imaging area to chest wall is important in tomosynthesis and breast CT. Furthermore, both applications benefit enormously from the high speed, outstanding high frequency, low dose DQE of the 2923MAM in its specially designed high gain, low noise mode.

These technical features combine to provide these clinical benefits:

  • minimize the incidence of re-takes and blurring in tomosynthesis caused by patient motion
  • reduce the radiation dose of breast imaging procedures
  • enable small structures such as spiculations and micro-calcifications to be seen
  • allow additional views to be acquired in a very short time to enhance tomosynthesis image quality

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PerkinElmer flat panel X-ray detectors are components intended to be integrated into products by X-ray systems manufacturers. Systems manufacturers are responsible for qualifying and validating their products for intended uses and meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.


Dexela 2923 CMOS Flat Panel X-ray Detector

2923MAM CL

The Dexela 2923MAM CL Flat Panel X-ray Detector features a 3888 × 3072 pixel matrix and a camera link interface.

Dexela 2923MAM GigE CMOS Flat Panel X-ray Detector

2923MAM GigE

Featuring a 3888 × 3072 pixel matrix and offering optimal sensitivity for mammography applications.

Dexela 1313 CMOS Flat Panel X-ray Detector

1313 In Development

Our Dexela 1313 has a pixel design that allows it to be used in 50 or 100 μm modes without losing image quality.

Dexela 2315MAM CL CMOS Flat Panel X-ray Detector

2315MAM CL

Featuring a 3072 × 1944 pixel matrix and a Camera Link data connection for mammography applications.


DexView MAM Image Processing

DexView MAM Image Processing


DexView MAM enhances X-ray mammography images by improving structures and contrast, reducing noise, and providing better visualization and image quality.

DexView Image Enhancement

DexView DR Image Enhancement

DexView DR is a post-processing software module that provides enhancement for general X-Ray radiographic images.