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Discover PerkinElmer

With Innovative Thinking, We Are Changing Things For The Better

Discover PerkinElmer - For the Better

Imagine a world where you could detect health issues sooner to treat them more effectively. Where food and water are always safe, even in remote corners of the earth. And where scientific and medical research are enhanced to solve the greatest challenges of our times. At PerkinElmer, we imagine this world every day. Then, we innovate and collaborate to make it happen everywhere.

With over 11,400 employees around the globe, we pioneer scientific technologies for better detection, imaging, and informatics to help our customers make a profound impact on the world. We provide support with advanced services to ensure optimal operations.

In many industries, in more countries, we are committed to providing innovative solutions and forging progressive partnerships for a safer, healthier world. And it's all for the better - as you might imagine.

Discover our impact. For a world of better.

For Safer Pregnancies

For Safer Pregnancies

Ten million women develop pre-eclampsia every year. Learn how our testing kits are allowing for earlier detection and treatment to save lives and prevent complications.

For Healthier Babies

For Healthier Babies

Only 1 in 3 babies worldwide receive newborn screening for detecting and treating congenital disorders. Learn what we're doing to help save over 70 precious lives per day.

Environmental - River

For a Cleaner Environment

All around the world, our water, air and soil is under the threat of contaminants and pollutants. Learn how our environmental monitoring solutions are helping to keep our planet safer.

For Safer Food

For Safer Food

Over a quarter of global food crops are contaminated with mycotoxins, and 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides are used worldwide. Learn how our testing solutions are ensuring the safety of food from farm to table.

For Faster Cures

For Faster Cures

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.8 million fatalities in 2015. Learn how our imaging innovations are helping researchers uncover valuable new insights.

Drug Discovery

For More Effective Drugs

Monitoring disease treatments and understanding data is paramount to developing better drugs. Learn how our innovations are helping pharmaceutical companies stay on the leading edge.


Discover Our Innovations

Discover Our Innovations

Our commitment to scientific innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It is why our customers turn to us to help them unlock critical insights that make impacts: smarter decisions, earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments and scientific breakthroughs.

NexION 2000 ICP MS

Vectra Polaris

QSight 210 MD Screening System

Nate Porter and Tony Rands

Meet Our 2017 Patent Winners

With our over 3,500 patents and counting, global network of R&D centers of excellence and market-leading detection, imaging, and informatics innovations, PerkinElmer provides an unmatched experience that enables customers to better protect our environment, food supply and health of our families.

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