Kaleido™ Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

The EnSight system’s Kaleido Data Acquisition and Analysis software has a workflow-based user interface that guides you through the experimental process, helping you to get productive right away.

Benefits of Kaleido Software

  • Quickly and easily set up set up and run assays using the pre-programmed protocols which can be adjusted as required for your assays
  • Analyze your cell image data using the ready-to-go protocols for cell counting, normalization and much more
  • Export data and metadata from your screen as a single file for further analysis, for example to TIBCO Spotfire®

Discover even more with Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire® software lets you bring together data from multiple sources, perform complex analyses and create easy-to-use visual dashboards.

Our TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst for Multimode Detection software package features assay-specific templates tailored to the analysis of plate reader data.

Get the EnSight Brochure (PDF).

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