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Nucleic Acid Analysis and Protein Characterization

Utilizing automated microfluidic capillary electrophoresis (micro-CE) technology, our instruments enable the user to simplify the process of traditional gel separations, resulting in even more accurate and reproducible data in a fraction of the time. Separate, identify and analyze genomic and protein samples in seconds and visualize your data as an electropherogram, virtual gel, or tabular report.

  • The LabChip® GX Touch nucleic acid analyzer performs DNA/RNA separation and analysis with minimal concentration requirements. This platform is ideal for NGS applications including cfDNA, FFPE, and PCR-free DNA quantitation.
  • The LabChip® GXII Touch protein characterization system makes protein quantitation fast with capillary electrophoretic separation. Detect, quantitate, and assess protein purity for biotherapeutic research with confidence that data is accurate and reproducible.
  • The DropletQuant® UV-VIS spectrophotometer can analyze and quantitate total nucleic acid and protein concentration for up to 96 samples in under five minutes, requiring just 2µL of sample.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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