We offer a full line of high-quality microplate assay cassette products for our radiometric detectors, including cassettes for 24-, 96- and 384-well plates. We also offer cassettes that accommodate vials, from 4 mL mini-vials to 20 mL large vials.

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4mL cassettes

Tri-Carb Varisette Cassette for 4 mL vials, 10/pkg
List Price : 3770.00 DKK

Small vial cassettes (10 Cassettes per case)

Tri-Carb Varisette Cassette for 6, 7, and 8 mL vials, 10/pkg
List Price : 1970.00 DKK


Tri-Carb Varisette Cassette ID labels
List Price : 670.00 DKK

Large vial cassettes (10)

Tri-Carb Varisette Cassette for 20 mL vials, 10/pkg
List Price : 1970.00 DKK

Cassette Label Kit, Cobra

This product contains cassette identification barcode stickers for measuring on the Cobra gamma counter. Cassette ID labels provide positive identification of the cassette and the samples it contains. This facilitates completely unattended operation.
List Price : 800.00 DKK

15 Position Cassette

Cassette for holding sample tubes for use in the COBRA gamma counter. With no adapter, this cassette can hold tubes that are 14-16 mm in diameter and 75-100 mm in height for counting.
List Price : 260.00 DKK

Speed Pro Cassette Clips

Speed Pro protocol clip for the Cobra gamma counter. These are plastic clips with barcodes that enable automatic selection of assay protocols. Clips provide positive identification by protocol number, sequence number, and sample code/patient name.
List Price : 3110.00 DKK

Flexible 96-well plate cassette

Flexible 96-well plate cassette for use in a MicroBeta radiometric detector.
List Price : 1720.00 DKK
Rabbit bed for Quantum microCT imaging system
List Price : 34400.00 DKK

"Cassettes" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services