Fluorescent Imaging Agents

PerkinElmer's portfolio of Targeted, Activatable, and Vascular Fluorescent Imaging Agents utilizes optimized in vivo chemistries and diverse mechanisms of action to deliver breakthrough imaging data on biological targets, pathways and processes - in the context of the living system.

Click on the Application or Organ in the MouseMap below to find the right Fluorescence Agent to study your biology in context - in vivo.

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Activatable Fluorescent Imaging Agents

Activatable fluorescent imaging agents enable in vivo imaging of biological processes. Non-fluorescent...  View more

Targeted Fluorescent Imaging Agents

Targeted fluorescent imaging agents enable specific areas of interest to be detected, monitored and ...  View more

Vascular Fluorescent Imaging Agents

Vascular fluorescent imaging agents are distributed passively through blood vessels to enable imaging...  View more