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A Precision Partnership To Beat Cancer

PerkinElmer-GIS Centre for Precision Oncology leverages genome expertise and leading edge imaging instrumentation to develop new cancer therapies.

Featured Products


XRD 1642 a-SI Detector

With its wide energy range, variable frame rates and shielding options, this detector was specifically designed for use in radiation therapy.

Flat Panel X-ray Detector

Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors

Cutting edge X-ray detector technology with outstanding image quality and high resolution for use in radiation therapy and radiosurgery systems.

Technologies and solutions to help ensure early detection to support the fight against cancer.

Each year, we help oncologists touch over one million lives through cancer treatment with our advances in digital imaging technology.

Our flat panel X-ray detectors enable real-time imaging systems used for diagnosis and less-invasive treatments in the areas of radiosurgery, medical diagnostic imaging, and radiation therapy.