New Earlier Screen For Pregnant Women

North York General Hospital researchers have developed an Enhanced First Trimester Screen that is faster, less costly, but just as accurate as the standard Integrated Prenatal Screening protocol in detecting the risk for Down syndrome and Trisomy 18. The new test was developed with the help of PerkinElmer and is now in use in Ontario, Canada.

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Aneuploidy Screening

We offer complete screening solutions including instrumentation, reagents and risk calculation software for early detection of pregnancy related anomalies.



Our PlGF (Placental Growth Factor) assay was the first developed commercially for first trimester screening.

LifeCycle Software

LifeCycle Software

Providing users with the full flexibility of selecting the appropriate risk assessment process that best suits the pregnant mother’s situation.

Computing the risk of pregnancy-related complications.

Beginning in the first trimester, our platforms and services help compute the risk of pregnancy-related complications like pre-eclampsia or determine the likelihood of a baby being born with disorders such as Down’s Syndrome and trisomy 18. Identifying these risks earlier lets families and care providers seek the best care to deliver the best outcome.