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We bring together important technologies such as detection, imaging, informatics, and key services to help scientists and clinicians address some of the most daunting scientific challenges today. These professionals need to measure, analyze, visualize, and report information, relying on some of the most advanced technologies and expertise to gain the greatest insights required to improve lives and the world around us.

Our innovative and comprehensive technologies support the detection and identification of disease, organic and inorganic contaminants, and biological pathways that impact human and environmental health.


We offer a wide array of technologies to support the detection and identification of disease, contaminants, and biological pathways.

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From screening platforms, analytical technologies, plate readers, and radiometric detection systems to reagents and consumables, we help scientists, clinicians, and lab professionals gain the insights needed to make important decisions.

Scientists and clinicians gain significant biological insights through our modular, fully automated, and powerful imaging technologies.


Scientists and clinicians gain significant biological, chemical, and clinical insights through our powerful, and innovative imaging technologies.

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From our cellular, in vivo, x-ray and digital imaging technologies to our quantitative pathology tools, our solutions can be easily configured to record cellular, biological, and disease or treatment events in real time.

Our informatics and software platforms provide efficient workflow management and data processing to make scientists and technicians more productive.


Informatics and software platforms that deliver efficient workflow, data management, visualization, and analytics to provide critical and relevant information to scientists.

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From sifting through, analyzing, and visualizing to sharing massive amounts of digital data, our informatics solutions can aid in the integration and automation of processes or be combined with workflow management to increase lab efficiency and yield more accurate, reproducible results.

PerkinElmer provides optimal service and support around the world.


With our foundation in science, expertise in technology, and commitment to excellence, we help labs optimize efficiencies by providing optimal, global service and support.

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From multi-vendor laboratory services, next generation sequencing, and custom labeling and assay development to clinical lab testing, our comprehensive services help to ensure smooth results.