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Seeing Right Through You

April 23, 2015

X-ray of hand

PerkinElmer is a global leader in X-ray technology

Just about everyone has had an X-ray. They are so common in emergency rooms, dental suites, and airports, we pretty much take them for granted. Here’s a quick test to prove our point: Do you know what the “X stands for in X-ray? If you are thinking “X-factor,” nice try, but no. Truth is there is no definitive answer. The most plausible one is it stands for “unknown.” When scientists discovered electromagnetic radiation waves in the late 19th century, they did not what they were so they called them X-rays.

Fast forward to the 21st century. We now know a lot more about electromagnetic radiation. Today, X-rays have entered the digital age. That makes them cost-effective to generate and very fast to view. Our exposure to X-rays is also much safer than in the past. With modern flat panel detectors, dose levels can be reduced and image quality improved significantly. That is why digital X-ray imaging is among the most versatile diagnostic tools in industry, physical science, and medicine.

How versatile? Archeologists use Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) X-ray applications on everything from peering into Egyptian mummies and pyramids to unearthing buried civilizations. Geologists employ them to locate mineral and oil deposits and to study arctic ice. Manufacturers rely on non-destructive X-rays to inspect metals, pipelines, cars, and planes.   When flat panel detectors are incorporated into X-ray systems in the medical field, X-rays may not be just for broken bones and lung scans anymore.

The latest in flat panel detectors is PerkinElmer’s amorphous silicon (a-Si) and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) X-ray detectors. They have frame rates of up to 191 images per second and incredibly high resolution thanks to an imaging matrix of up to 18.7 million pixels.  Why is that important? Surgeons, dentists, and veterinarians rely on the real-time, crystal-clear imagery of these detectors in their X-ray systems to help improve their diagnostics, conduct radiosurgery in oncology treatments and radiation therapies, and leverage these state-of-the-art instruments to help deliver a host of other medical and dental treatments, and non-invasive treatments.

One more thing about X-rays you likely do not know. At PerkinElmer, we have more than 20 years of experience and expertise in supplying over 35,000 standard and customer-specific X-ray detectors for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications around the globe. Our next generation detector, the XRD 1611 xP, is a case in point. It is not only built to withstand harsh environments, its real-time imaging, fiber optic interface, and onboard image correction features are setting the bar in X-ray technology to do and “see” things faster and better than ever thought possible.

Maybe you do not need to know what the X stands for in X-ray. But you ought to remember this: PerkinElmer is leading the way in X-ray technology with a new generation of detectors that can literally see right through us all. And as our tag line says, That is “For the Better.”

PerkinElmer flat panel X-ray detectors are components intended to be integrated into products by X-ray systems manufacturers. Systems manufacturers are responsible for qualifying and validating their products for intended uses and meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.

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